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Children's drawing


- 培青小学


Children's drawing

- Gyias's mum

  ( Homeschool)

I am so fortunate to know 贾老师 and 于老师 who are delicate to cultivate children's love for Chinese culture and language.

Their classes are so fun and interesting that my boy would look forward since his preschool days till now (P2). The teachers at the centre respect all children's learning needs and emotions needs. I personally witnessed children who are so closed up on the first lesson, still choose to continue the class and open up to teacher after the 3rd lessons, by actively participating in the class. That's very encouraging! My boy would stay back after class to play Chinese chess with 贾老师,and over years, they have build up strong relationships beyond just teacher and student. I want to say a big thank you to all teacher in the centre for all their hard work and dedication to the students. For New parents

who are keen, try a trial session and you will know the difference. It is not just a tuition centre, after all.

Children's drawing

- 楷芬、楷萱妈妈

The most skilful, child-led and respectful Chinese class teachers we’ve ever known! They believe in the readiness of the individual child and have amazing ways to bring out the love for Chinese in them! Go home with not just a child who loves

learning Chinese but also one who’s got great values and wonderful mindset instilled. Always surprises us what they pick up from laoshi’s!

Children's drawing




- 雍傑妈妈


Children's drawing

-  四个孩子的妈妈  怡文



Children's drawing

- P1 Shaocong's mum

At 明辉教育, the teacher (老师) was exceptionally patient, friendly and affirming towards my child's achievements. And in turn, he gained a good interest in the Chinese language and always looks forward to class. In just 10 lessons, he is more willing to speak in Chinese and even found the lessons to be very fun & engaging. He is a very active child and moves a lot in class, so I'm grateful that 老师 has a very gentle yet firm way of helping him to be more willing to sit & listen

appropriately in class. I have seen lot of improvements in his learning attitude ever since he started lessons at this center.

Children's drawing

- 劲德、劲安爸爸





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