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Chinese Tuition Centre in Tampines

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If you have already browsed through our website, you may not require a further introduction to what My Bright Education Centre can offer your child. However, if you came here after doing a quick online search for ‘Chinese tuition in Tampines’ or ‘Chinese tuition near me’, let us tell you a little about ourselves.

We are an educational institute offering preschool Chinese enrichment classes as well as primary and secondary Chinese tuition in Singapore. At My Bright Education Centre, we have designed an immersive learning environment where students will find studying Chinese to be a fun and exciting experience. We also have a dedicated team of Chinese tutors in Singapore that use a variety of teaching techniques to guide our students to their full potential. 

As one of the leading Chinese tuition centres in Tampines, we can help your child improve their academic performance and inculcate a lifelong love for their mother tongue. If you want to know more about us, please fill in the form below. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss the support we can extend to your child to excel in the Chinese language at our Chinese tuition centre in Singapore.


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