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发现乐趣, 学习不一样

改变观念, 教育不一样

亲近母语, 未来不一样

Learning will be different if we discover the fun in it.

Education will be different if we change our mindset.
Our future will be different if we get close to our mother tongue.
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Join The Leading Chinese Tuition Center in Singapore - Preschool, Primary and Secondary School Chinese Tuition

Let us guide your child to discover the joy in learning our mother tongue.

Learning will be different if we discover the fun in it. 

We encourage children to develop and retain a passion for the Chinese language by making their classes enjoyable. Our Chinese tuition center in Singapore has created the ideal environment for your child to have fun while learning. Through our lessons, we inspire them to explore theories, conduct discussions, and listen to the different perspectives of their peers regarding the learnings. Studying a complex language such as Chinese requires a great deal of dedication and consistent effort. If the lessons are enjoyable, students will be more inquisitive and invested in learning the language. Our centre in Tampines can help motivate and pique their interest. 


Education will be different if we change our mindset. 

Changing your child's attitude towards the Chinese language is vital to improving their approach to the subject. This is because altering their outlook can influence a child's language learning experience and activities positively. It can turn your child into a learner who concentrates on mastering Chinese with the capacity to relate the language across their numerous skill sets. At our Chinese tuition center in Singapore, we do our best to bring about this change in our students through our teachings.


Our future will be different if we get close to our mother tongue. 


Fluency in our mother tongue is crucial for our children's development, as it benefits them in a variety of ways. It helps strengthen their ties with their Chinese heritage, enhances cognitive growth, and facilitates their ability to learn. Being linked to their roots also encourages a strong sense of self and identity in Children. That is why, at one of the best Chinese tuitions in Singapore, we are dedicated to fostering love and excitement for the Chinese language and culture in all our students.



Are you looking for a Chinese tuition center offering preschool, primary and secondary Chinese tuition in Singapore? Then you have come to the right place. Our Chinese tuition center in Tampines comprises some of the best Chinese tutors in Singapore. Enrol your child in our centre, and let us guide them in paving the path to their success. To learn more about Chinese enrichment classes and other courses, get in touch with us!

  • What types of programmes are available for primary students?
    As a provider of primary Chinese tuition in Singapore, we have a variety of programmes for primary school students. We offer comprehensive classes focusing on language-related skills, and they are available in both ‘ordinary’ and ‘advanced’ levels to best accommodate your child’s capabilities. For primary students looking for more creative Chinese lessons, there are also the Literature Appreciation Writing Course and the Interdisciplinary Story Fun Course. We also provide a number of Holiday Classes for primary students.
  • Who should attend classes at My Bright Education?
    We are a renowned Chinese tuition centre in Tampines, offering Chinese enrichment programmes and tuition classes to students in preschool, primary, and secondary school. Our Chinese enrichment classes are meant to lay a solid foundation for preschool and primary students who want to explore the language. We also provide Chinese tuition to secondary school students in order to help them maintain and develop their Chinese language skills.
  • What will my child learn in the Chinese Enrichment Programmes at My Bright Education?
    Our Chinese Enrichment Programs are developed with a range of goals in mind, and we provide a selection of courses to meet those objectives. Our Core Programmes courses are designed to equip students with Chinese language-related skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, oral and composition. We also offer Innovative Programme courses for students who enjoy a more creative approach to learning and Holiday Classes. Our classes in the Innovative Programme focus on creative aspects of the language, such as book reading and writing, as well as drama.
  • Do you have a curriculum in place, and what teaching techniques do you follow?
    When it comes to teaching language-related skills, our Chinese tutors in Singapore adhere to the curriculum established by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE). However, at our Chinese tuition centre, we use creative teaching techniques to make the lessons more interesting for students and improve their engagement in class. It allows us to inspire students to explore the Chinese language while also developing their critical thinking skills.
  • Why should my child enrol in My Bright Education?
    As a Chinese tuition centre that strives to help your child find joy in learning the language, we are committed to providing them with a solid base in Chinese. We encourage children to think rationally, discuss, and actively listen to gain a better perspective on the content they learn through our innovative teaching techniques and creative learning environment. We make learning enjoyable for our students in order to foster their interest in learning Chinese.
  • How to select a good Chinese tutor?
    There are different factors to consider when looking for a good Chinese tutor in Singapore. Academic qualifications, experience, and language skills of a tutor, as well as their teaching techniques, are all important credentials that must be examined. When it comes to their teaching methodology, make sure to inquire about the curriculum they utilise and the study materials they provide for the students. Evaluating all of these criteria will assist you in deciding whether the tutor is suitable for the needs of your child.
  • What do Chinese tutors do?
    Chinese tutors in Singapore assist students in learning to speak, read, and write Chinese as a Mother Tongue Language (MTL). There are various levels of competence to teach, ranging from beginner to mid-fluency, from preschool to secondary school, and more. Therefore, Chinese tutors assess student needs and adapt their teaching methods to fit those needs in order to improve student learning and language retention.
  • Why does my child require a Chinese tutor?
    When it comes to the Chinese language, it is critical that your child study its fundamentals thoroughly. As learning Chinese characters, vocabulary, and grammar without proper guidance can be challenging, your child will require someone to lead them through the components of the language, from pinyin to calligraphy. There are numerous Chinese tutors in Singapore who can provide them with the necessary knowledge. A professional tutor will not only assist your child in obtaining a logical and visual understanding of Chinese but will also ensure that they meet their study goals and gain confidence in their language skills.
  • What is unique about the Holiday Class at My Bright Education?
    Our Holiday Classes are meant to offer your child a solid base in the Chinese language, as well as to develop their skills and foster their respect for the culture. We integrate traditional and modern elements of the language to provide a well-rounded approach to Chinese language education in our Holiday Classes.
  • What syllabus does the Core Programme follow?
    One of our most popular Chinese enrichment classes for all preschool, primary, and secondary school students is the Core Programme. We have designed the syllabus for these classes using the guidelines of the curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore. As a result, our Core Programme lessons place a strong emphasis on activities that help students strengthen their Chinese language skills. While the programme aids your child in learning the language, it will also inspire them to sharpen their critical thinking skills.
  • What are the courses available in the Innovative Programme?
    We offer two primary courses in our Innovative Programme, both of which are creative in nature. The first is the Literature Appreciation Writing Course, which focuses on the reading and writing skills of students, and the second is the Interdisciplinary Story Fun Course. Your child can enrol in the Literature Appreciation Writing Course starting from K2, but they must be in P2 to begin the Interdisciplinary Story Fun Course. In addition to these, drama classes for teenagers are available in the Innovative Programme.
  • Why should I enrol my preschooler in Chinese Enrichment Classes?
    Chinese enrichment classes for preschool students can provide a number of benefits for your child. These benefits range from improved language skills and academic success to enhanced cultural awareness and cognitive and social skills. Therefore, by enrolling your child in a Chinese enrichment class for preschool students, you may be providing them with a worthwhile opportunity to help them succeed in school and beyond.
  • If my child is shy, will group tuition be suitable for them?
    Many of the students in our classes are first-time attendees of group tuition classes. While they are initially reserved, with the proper support, they tend to open up within a few weeks. Furthermore, our Chinese tutors in Singapore excel at engaging pupils and managing classroom dynamics due to their years of experience. Even if your child is shy, they will be in good hands at My Bright Education, a top Chinese tuition centre in Tampines.
  • What will my child learn at the My Bright Education Core Programme?
    The Chinese enrichment classes at My Bright Education offer a solid foundation in the Chinese language for both preschoolers and students seeking primary and secondary school Chinese tuition. Our Chinese tutors in Singapore are dedicated to assisting our students in improving their vocabulary, comprehension, as well as oral and composition skills in Chinese.
  • What types of classes are offered for primary Chinese tuition in Singapore?
    At My Bright Education, we provide ‘Comprehensive Classes’ for children looking for primary Chinese tuition in Singapore. These classes are categorised into ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Advanced’ levels, with their lessons focusing on skills related to the Chinese language, such as comprehension, vocabulary, oral and composition. They are available from the P1 up to the final year of primary school. We also offer a ‘Comprehension and Composition’ class for students in P4-P6, which is conducted online, allowing your child to learn Chinese from the comfort of their own home.
  • What types of classes are available for preschoolers?
    As one of the best Chinese tuition center in Singapore, we offer ‘Enlightenment Classes’ for preschoolers in the Core Programme, specifically children in N1, N2, and K1, to help them build a solid base for their Chinese language knowledge. We provide a ‘Fun Chinese Class’ for K2 children to fulfil the same purpose.
  • Why should I enrol my child in secondary school Chinese tuition?
    As your child progresses from primary to secondary school, their Chinese language curriculum will become increasingly complex. Given the rising academic competition among students, they will require extra support now more than ever. Therefore, as one of the best Chinese tuition in Singapore, we offer ‘Express Classes’ for your child who is searching for secondary school Chinese tuition.
  • Who should enrol in the My Bright Education Core Programme?
    My Bright Education’s Core Programme is available for both preschoolers and children seeking primary school Chinese tuition and secondary school Chinese tuition. The lessons are intended to equip students with a strong basis in the language while also nurturing their interest in Chinese. Our classes are open to children from age 2+ onwards. We design our lessons to accommodate both students who are enthusiastic about Chinese as well as those who require extra support keeping up with their schoolwork.
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