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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Most stores, including major bookstores and national libraries, were closed during the lockdown measures to combat the new coronavirus outbreak. However, just because a library is closed doesn't mean it can't be borrowed, there are plenty of electronic books available to the general public.

Today, Singapore's National Library announced the highest number of e-books borrowed during the lockdown period. Guess who's first?




The most popular e-book in the National Library is《不可以妈妈,没问题爸爸》which is written by Jia Limin, one of the founders of Minghui Education!

At the same time, Mr. Jia's other book, 《一家都是喷火龙》 was ranked fourth in the National Library's most borrowed e-books. In other words, Mr. Jia has two books within the top five!

Schools in Singapore have all closed down due to the new coronavirus outbreak. Annual reading programs, school book fairs and guided reading activities are also activities that had to be suspended during this period.

Jia, one of the leading writers, has been to many schools to conduct reading activities, and is one of the most popular teachers with his humorous storytelling.

The children were unable to listen to Mr. Jia's stories at school, so he told them to you on the Internet.

Just last month, Jia told a story live on Facebook about the 《不可以妈妈,没问题爸爸》.

We also have a reading of《一家都是喷火龙》:

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