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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Begin Learning Chinese at a Young Age

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

As the world's most spoken and fastest-growing language, Chinese is gaining immense popularity all across the globe. It is a beautiful and intriguing language rich in history and culture and provides its learners with a unique perspective on the world. If properly acquired, the language has the potential to provide your child with new opportunities for holistic growth in education and in life. Some young children may find learning Chinese complicated as the grammar, tones, and characters can be challenging to grasp. However, starting the language at a young age can make learning easier because children have more time and are better equipped to learn and absorb new information. This is why parents should enrol their kids in Chinese enrichment classes as early as possible. These lessons allow children to be better prepared to face the challenges of learning Chinese.

If your child gets a head start on learning Chinese, they will have a big edge over their peers in mastering spoken and written Chinese. Read on to learn why you should enrol your child in Chinese tuition courses at an early age and how to choose the best class for them.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, introducing your child to the Chinese language when they are young provides them with a number of cognitive benefits as well. It broadens your child's perspectives and activates brain areas that might otherwise be dormant. Let us take a look at the three main reasons why your child should be enrolled in Chinese tuition courses at an early age.

Improve Memory Function

According to research, those who learn more than one language have higher levels of cognitive flexibility and executive control. As a result, if your child begins learning Chinese at a young age, their cognitive growth will allow them to avoid distractions, focus on the tasks at hand, and move between tasks more readily. Participating in a Chinese enrichment class for preschool can also help them perform better on verbal intelligence and memory tests. Studying a second language, such as Chinese, improves their ability to recall knowledge because it engages different areas of the brain than those needed to comprehend English, the medium of instruction in Singaporean schools. This simultaneous operation of diverse areas of the brain aids in preserving brain function throughout time, boosting the brain's ability to memorise verbal and non-verbal information. Another aspect that helps a child's memory and focus is the use of both halves of their brain when reading and writing Chinese.

Develop Listening Skills

Chinese is a tonal language that requires students to pay great attention to how different words are spoken in order to distinguish between their meanings. Children that are sensitive to sound differences learn tonal languages more easily, and the younger they start, the more accurately they learn to reproduce the sounds. Even if your child is not sound sensitive, learning a tonal language in a preschool Chinese class will help them to listen carefully in general. Another benefit of developing this skill is that if your child is interested in music, this familiarity with tones and noises might help them improve their musical abilities, particularly perfect pitch.

Impact On Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change as a result of experience through growth and reorganisation. New experiences allow the brain to constantly adapt and grow in response to the new information the organ obtains.

Language learning, according to recent studies, has a substantial impact on neuroplasticity because it allows the brain to change and adapt in a unique way. Learning Chinese can help your child develop new neural pathways in their brain, allowing the brain to evolve and adapt in response. This will allow kids to learn better and reach their highest potential easily.


Better Prospects For A Brighter Future

Your child's proficiency in the Chinese language can open many doors for them. As schoolchildren, they can be opportunities related to their education or extracurricular activities. Once they enter the workforce, these opportunities may be related to their career. Participating in Chinese tuition courses, beginning from the preschool level, can help your child prepare for these global opportunities.

Develop Into Cultured Global Citizens

Children who start studying Chinese in a preschool Chinese class are exposed to different ways of thinking and communicating as they grow, allowing them to become more well-rounded and global citizens. As the world becomes more connected, it helps them to be more open-minded and adaptable. The learning experience also helps children develop respect for other cultures.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

While Western characters are written in a single direction, Chinese characters require brush or pen strokes in multiple directions with varying hand pressure. This writing style may improve your child's fine motor skills and spatial recognition.


Before making a final decision on the best Chinese enrichment class for your preschooler, consider the following factors;

  • The class size of the Chinese enrichment class for preschool children

  • The teacher's teaching style, as well as their experience and qualifications

  • The target age group of the preschool Chinese class


Learning Chinese is ideal for children's cognitive and personal development as it provides them with an ideal opportunity to improve themselves. Enrolling your child in Chinese enrichment classes is a good place to start because it is best to begin this learning process at a young age.

My Bright Education is one of the best educational institutes in the country that provides Chinese enrichment classes and tuition classes to children starting from kindergarten. In our enrichment programmes, we offer a special family discount starting at 5%. If you would like to know more about our programmes and fee structure, feel free to reach out to our team today!

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