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Does Your Child Need a Chinese Tutor? 7 Signs They May Need Extra Help

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Some students learn quickly and easily in school, while others require more academic aid in completing assignments and properly absorbing lessons. As parents, you want your child to excel in all aspects of life, including education, which is why you want them to be good students. When it comes to your child’s Chinese language learning, if classroom sessions are not cutting it or if you believe they would benefit from extra lessons, hiring a tutor may be a good option. Today, there are numerous Chinese tutors in Singapore conducting classes in either a group or one-on-one setting.

What Do Chinese Tutors Do?

Tutors work with your child to improve their academic performance, and their frequency of tutoring varies depending on your child’s requirements. They identify areas in which your child needs more understanding or practice and focus their teachings on improving them. These areas could be specific components of the Chinese language, such as Hanyu Pinyin, tones and calligraphy. They could also be particular language-related skills such as comprehension, vocabulary, as well as oral and composition. Some tutors will help their students with their coursework, while others may create their own lessons and activities to specifically address your child’s academic weak points.

Before searching for or hiring a tutor, you should first determine whether your child requires one. Here are some strong indicators that your child may benefit from the assistance of a Chinese tutor in Singapore.

1. Incomplete Assignments

As a parent, you will always encourage your child to complete their schoolwork properly and on time. However, when students are genuinely struggling, they often postpone their assignments in hopes of avoiding the unpleasant feelings it evokes. If you suspect your child is making excuses not to do their Chinese homework or is taking too long to complete it, it may be time to seek further help. You will need a tutor who can spend time with your child, help them overcome challenging areas, and ensure that they complete their Chinese language assignments on time.

2. Lack of Self-Confidence

Academic success has a significant impact on how a child perceives themselves, and consistently struggling in school can take its toll on their confidence. If you have observed your child doubting their Chinese language skills or being reluctant to attend school, it may be time to look for a tutor for them. When children lack self-confidence, they often struggle with their learning abilities and begin to doubt their capacity to study and perform well in exams. If left unchecked, the change in confidence can start adversely affecting their overall academic performance. As Chinese tutors in Singapore are specifically trained to assist children with challenging concepts, they can help your child improve both their language skills and build confidence in their language competency.

3. Drop in Grades

There are times even when a student is studying diligently, their grades still suffer. Poor academic performance is a critical concern as a parent, especially when you start noticing a sudden dip in your child’s score. It is better to consult with the teacher to determine the possible cause of such a situation. Then get the help of a Chinese tutor to identify and resolve the issues that are preventing your child from comprehending or performing effectively.

4. Lack of Organisation

If your child struggles to complete their Chinese language assignments on time and devotes too much attention to one lesson while neglecting others, they may benefit from tutoring. A Chinese tutor will help your child understand the subject material better, which will allow them to complete their Chinese language coursework in less time. As a result, your child will learn to manage their time better and keep up with their homework and tests.

5. Lack of Enthusiasm

When students do not fully understand specific topics taught during Chinese language lessons, sometimes they may quit rather than redouble their efforts to comprehend the subject. In such situations, Chinese tutors in Singapore can help students refocus and begin to understand the content.

6. Avoiding School

In situations where your child is making up excuses to miss school or acting sick to avoid classes, you must first try to figure out what the issue is. The reason could vary from poor grades to feeling alienated in class. If the issue is related to their experience with the Chinese language subject, a Chinese language tutor can assist your child with schoolwork and get them back on track.

7. Parents are Unable to Help

Along with the aforementioned, you may require the services of a tutor if you are unable to help your child with their academics. With the evolution of teaching techniques, concepts and school curricula, it has become increasingly challenging for parents to assist their children with homework. Therefore, as a parent, it is better to seek the services of local tutors to assist your child in reaching their full potential.

My Bright Education Centre – Best Chinese Tutors in Singapore

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