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Creative Ways to Inspire Your Child to Learn Secondary School Chinese

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting and challenging time for any child studying in Singapore because it marks a significant milestone in their academic life.

While the years ahead will be both exhilarating and full of possibilities for your child, they will also be demanding and difficult. As they walk through the door on their first day of secondary school, your child will meet new classmates as well as encounter new surroundings, challenges, and opportunities. It is a much larger learning environment than they are used to in primary school, with plenty of resources to learn from. When your child enters secondary school, their workload will be doubled, with more academic subjects, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and various other school programmes.

Furthermore, amidst this transition, it is likely that your child will be transferred to Chinese tuition for secondary from primary Chinese tuition in Singapore. During this time, your child will require your support more than ever to adjust to their new reality. Their young minds may experience additional stress as they make this transition. Therefore, let’s discuss how you, as a parent, can make this transition as convenient and comfortable as possible for your child.


Fear or embarrassment can often hinder your child's progress in learning Chinese. When children progress to Chinese tuition for secondary school from primary school Chinese tuition, they become more self-conscious and aware of their surroundings. Therefore, they may experience emotions they cannot understand or express during this period. Children can sometimes feel awkward and frustrated when they try to write or speak in Chinese, and if their efforts yield little progress, it may discourage them even more.

As a parent, this is an excellent opportunity to mentor your child about taking on long-term challenges. Encourage your child to share their experience and feelings about learning Chinese. Concentrate on how you can guide their behaviour so that they know how to respond to life's challenges, whether it is learning Chinese or something else. Make it more of a conversation than an interrogation so your child can easily open up to you.

Show them that Chinese, as an important modern language, has the power to inspire people. Try to incorporate Chinese language practice into your child's leisure activities or hobbies. Use them to supplement their language learning journey, and their interest in Chinese will develop naturally.


One of the most effective ways to motivate your child to learn Chinese is to immerse them in the culture so that they are familiar with the language's origins and enjoy learning it. The Chinese language has a rich history and culture full of fascinating legends and folklore that serve as the basis for many Chinese proverbs and idioms. Introduce them to Chinese myths and stories to pique their interest and foster an appreciation for the Chinese language. Your child will be more motivated to learn Chinese if they are genuinely interested in it. Learning with no real purpose or interest will be pointless in terms of their academic or career success. While primary school Chinese tuition is ideal for introducing some cultural elements, others will need to be introduced during secondary Chinese tuition so that your child can better understand their significance.

You can also help them learn more about Chinese culture by taking them to fun events like the Dragon Boat, Lantern, and Mid-Autumn Festivals. Another option to help your child in learning the language is by taking them to Chinese restaurants where you can encourage them to order their favourite dish and converse with the staff in Chinese.


Ensure your child is in a positive learning environment when learning Chinese at home. It must be a quiet, distraction-free space where they can concentrate peacefully on their studies. Be patient and understanding of their learning, and always emphasise encouragement over criticism.

If your child appears to be struggling with their Chinese tuition for secondary school or requires your assistance in their studies, try to help them in a more enjoyable and interesting manner. One method is incorporating games and quizzes into their studies, as they are drawn to both activities. Before choosing such activities, consider your child's academic performance and identify their weak points. If you have any difficulty with finding a good quiz, you could always select from a few classic Chinese games or find a quiz that was provided by their school, secondary Chinese tuition class, or primary Chinese tuition in Singapore. You can get creative by modifying the rules and difficulty level.

You can also use a points system or a countdown timer to make them more exciting.


Exposing your child to Chinese entertainment will allow them to become more familiar with the language and understand its nuances. It could be music, cartoons, television shows, books, comics, or something completely different. There are a variety of entertainment options that you can select from based on your child's preferences.


Incorporating Chinese into your child's daily routine is a simple and effective way to help them quickly learn and adapt to the language. Therefore, whenever possible, communicate with them in Chinese. You can try exercises in which you ask simple questions that encourage them to converse in Chinese. Trips to Chinatown and interactions with Chinese speakers can also help your child gain confidence in speaking Chinese while expanding their vocabulary.


While you, as a parent, are doing your best to encourage your child's secondary school Chinese learning efforts, we are here to assist you. My Bright Education provides programmes for secondary Chinese tuition as well as primary Chinese tuition in Singapore. Our highly qualified and friendly instructors will ensure that your child cultivates an interest in the language while keeping things light and fun. Children from kindergarten and primary school to secondary school can join our renowned academy. We offer family discounts starting at 5% for our express programmes in our Chinese tuition classes for secondary school. Get in touch with us now!

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